Over 42,000 uninsured individuals in Senate District 1 would gain medical coverage if Texas expanded Medicaid. Medicaid expansion would bring roughly 8 billion federal dollars to Texas, improving health coverage for men, women and children, and reducing costs.

In 2016, the district was home to roughly 21,000 uninsured children. When uninsured or underinsured individuals receive health care that they can’t afford, those costs get passed on to other patients and you as a taxpayer. Let’s expand Medicaid, improve access to healthcare, and reduce our expenses.

Over the last nine years, 17 rural hospitals have closed in Texas – more than any other state in the nation. We’ve had four close right here in District 1. Closures put the health of our community at risk. Expanding coverage and insurance could help save other hospitals at risk of closing.


To improve our current education system, we must increase teacher salaries, improve technology access, and create more inclusive and safe school environments.

As the daughter and sister of public school teachers, I feel strongly about the need for a thriving public education system. I am fighting for a system that not only supports high quality education for our kids, but also values our public school educators. Public school teachers dedicate their lives to the well-being of our children. I witnessed firsthand the countless hours my mom spent preparing her classroom, grading papers and stepping up for her students. Her dedication and the dedication of every other Texas teacher is worth more.


East Texans work hard to support their families and they deserve to be paid a living wage. Increasing the state’s minimum wage is an important step to promote financial stability for all working Texans. On average, women in Texas earn just 79 cents for every dollar paid to men for the same work. Equal pay for equal work benefits everyone.

Paid sick leave is also vital to the health of our East Texas workforce.  Hardworking Texans need benefits that don’t force them to compromise at the expense of their health or their family’s health.

Women’s Rights

Ensuring women’s rights, and improving women’s access to medical care is critical to the health and well being of all Texans. A lack of services and health coverage for women has resulted in unacceptable rates of Texas moms dying after childbirth. We can drastically improve the health of new and expecting mothers by extending Women’s Pregnancy Medicaid to 12 months postpartum from the current coverage of only 60 days after delivery.